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Fall Conference Details

Press Release:  For Immediate Release August 31, 2015
Re:  The West Virginia Herb Association Announces Fall Conference October 9-10, 2015 at Jackson's Mill, WV.
Title:  Savoring Our Native Roots
Contact:  Myra Bonhage-Hale, Public Relations 410-357-3113 and Eve Von Deck, President 304-269-5542
     The President of the WVHA, Eve Von Deck sums up the diverse and enticing agenda for the West Virginia Herb Association Fall Festival, "Herbs bring us joy in many ways, fond memories of a fragrant kitchen or garden, relief from many of the ills that we suffer and a pleasant reminder that we are all connected to the earth through Mother Nature." 
     Savoring Our Native Roots is the theme of WV Herb Association's Fall Conference.  The keynote speakers for the Herb Association Fall Festival at Jackson's Mill, Weston, WV are Crow Swimsaway PhD and Bekki Shining Bear Heart LMT .  They will speak on "Rooted in the Heart, Seeded in the Soul", a journey to connect with nature.  Their individual talks will be respectively on "Mugwort & Friends" and "Waters & the Wild".   Crow is the owner of Dragon Waters' herb farm and Bekki is a sustainable forest specialist.  Both are of Native American heritage. 
     Among the many other presenters are Mike Manypenny, Activist and Former State Representative, "Medical Marijuana in WV", Paula Stahl, Eastern US Native Culture Expert on "Plants of Power", Doug Flight, "Industrial Hemp in WV",  Alice Gervais, "Homemade Savory Philo Tarts", Lynn & Melanie Degan, herbalists, "Smudging", Tiffany Rose and Tom Downs, Re-enactors and Natural Coooking Experts, "Fire Pit Cooking", Paul Goland, Hard Scrabble Enterprises, "Mushroom Logs", John Fichtner, "Native American Flutes", Dr. Bonnie Buchman, ND, "Women's Health Issues", Russ Richardson, "Ginseng, Goldenseal, Black Cohosh and WV Invasive Plants", Eve Von Deck, CH, "Natural Painkillers",  Dr. Calvin Lenderman, III, ND, "Energy Medicine", Dr. Dave Ahrend, "Wild & Medicinal Plant Identification" and WV Division of Forestry, "Forest Product Theft". 
      Native American music and demos, plant sales, a seed swap, social hour with music, savory treats contest, indoor and outdoor vendors all add to the ambiance of learning, socializing and joyful events.  To register for the Fall Conference, go to the WV Herb Association website: where you will find a registration form.   Come learn with us!  



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